08 September 2011

A Poem for the Kids

"At last, at last! Our prayers were heard!"
said Joachim to Ann.
"The Lord has blessed us with a child

a child from His own hand."

They beamed and sang and waited long
within their little home
to welcome a new child at last
who'd be their very own.

Then one night Ann was sleeping fast
but had a troubled night;
for in her dream, an angel spoke
a promise full of light.

She woke and told her husband
that God had made a plan.
"Could we say 'no' to Heaven's King?"
said Joachim to Ann.

The little child that Ann would bear
another Child would bring
who by His love would save the world
and conquer death's dark sting.

"There beats a heart beneath your heart
that's destined for a sword;
beneath your heart a most pure heart
has magnified the Lord."

"... We never dreamed of such a gift,
so we can only trust.
What wonders! Why
the mother of
our Lord has come to us."

Ave Maria Purísima

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