27 August 2011

Aki Iro

Taking a break from regularly scheduled homily preparation to bring you some aki iro lyrics:

(Listen here.)
When the neck tie that hangs you
makes you feel just like some super hero,

When you build man-cave to isolate you from the world outside,
When four shiny wheels get you wherever you're heading,
While four speakers blare the soundtrack for the ride -
And the plans you transmit keep you in humble submission to
The forces at work behind your TV screen,
And you subscribe to the guide for the modern man's pleasure,
You've read them once and again, pretend you know what they mean, when they say:
"If you really want to be the champion
You’ve got to let us keep you tied up in mindless entertainment.
Be the good boy and know what to ask for,
Hide yourself away in a fortress of purchasable things -
And you'll never meet harm of hand gun or hand grenade,
Never be a victim of murder or foul play, no.
We'll kill you slowly and we'll kill you softly;
Knock you off with procedure and protocol."

After you send your kids out on their own,
you'll spend quality time with wife and a marriage counselor,

After you see your marriage sucked dry,
you'll spend quality time with wife & divorce lawyer,

After you lose your job after twenty loyal years
‘cause you cracked beneath the weight of the tension,

After you lose your hair from stress,
you'll buy hair plugs, transplants, and extensions,

After you find your friend of the hour
on the internet lonely guy services chat room,

After you order your infomercialized industrial microwave
advertised on television,

After you microwave your meal
and pop that bottle of extra strength valium,

After you get all tired out, you'll go snort a line,
After you snort a line, you'll perform aerobic yoga
with your spandexed friends on cable,

After you pull a muscle,
you'll order faith healing over the airwaves from the latest televangelist,

After you wash your black socks,
check your stock portfolio
you'll ride in an S.U.V. you can't afford,

And you’ll praise the lord ‘cause you’ll know that you’ve got
Nothing meaningful eating up your time these days.

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