30 June 2009

Welcome to NPH El Salvador

The next entry in the video journal is up:

To take advantage of the high quality video I've been using, I would suggest viewing the video on the YouTube site rather than embedded here at the blog. To do this, click "play" and then click on the video once again, and the YouTube site will load. Don't forget to click "HD" in the lower right corner to load the highest possible quality!

I had some problems at the tail end of production, and some of the footage was lost ... thanks be to God the whole thing didn't disappear! I've learned a lot about my video editor, including that it can randomly erase portions of one's work immediately before saving. A bit frustrating, but all in all I'm pleased with this entry. I hope you will be, too.

PS: Will those of you that load this video post in the comments box whether it fits inside the allotted space on the blog? it doesn't on my computer (running Firefox), but hopefully it does on yours.

24 June 2009

Bowels on Fire, Part II

I've uploaded the second part of my interview with Father Ben Hasse and his sister Libby during our visit to the eastern districts of El Salvador. The quality is a bit better as I've secured the [temporary] use of a video editor with some nice capabilities. However, it's still just the three of us sitting around talking! In addition, when we recorded this version, my camera ran out of disk space just as Fr. Ben was ending his comments about the war. Nonetheless, quite interesting (if you ask me).

I've got big plans for my next entry, which has involved a lot of filming around the campus here, and I've gotten my hands on some nice footage.

Hope to see you again soon.

22 June 2009

Bowels on Fire

Those of you familiar with the work of Father Barron have no doubt visited his site, WordOnFire.org, to peruse his latest doings on YouTube and some of his international travels to complete the Catholicism Project. While I can claim no such illustrious status, in pale homage to his YouTube channel, I offer you the first of my entries to the VideoBlog:

Have Priest, Will Travel (Viajes Salvatruchas), Part I
[YouTube has a 10 minute maximum]

You can view it either as an embedded video here, or you can click on the video once it's open to view it on the YouTube site with fullscreen options. The quality leaves something to be desired, but I've already finished editing part two and it's much better.

The second half should be up within a day or two. Check back soon!

17 June 2009

We Have Visual

For those who would like to see some of the photos taken during my trip to Cantón San Luis in the eastern part of El Salvador, you can view them on Picasa. Closed captioning included.

(Select "slideshow" for an optimal viewing experience.)

2009 San Luis

14 June 2009

I've Been Thrown A Bone

After a recent excursion to a small town in eastern El Salvador to visit a newly ordained priest-friend who was passing through, I was able to secure some disks to get my computer up and running again, though as of right now, there's no promises that Microsoft will let me register this copy of Windows. For a month or so, at least, I'll be able to post here on the blog.

Coming very soon: a video blog entry from Canton San Luis, El Salvador! Check back soon!

05 June 2009

Abandoned Until Further Notice

Unfortunately, my laptop isn't functioning and there's only one computer here that I can use for the internet (which I'm using right now, and the keyboard isn't exactly cooperating). If things get up and running again, I'll be sure to catch up on the happenings, but until then, don't hold your breath.

I'm kind of enjoying being off the grid anyway.