22 June 2009

Bowels on Fire

Those of you familiar with the work of Father Barron have no doubt visited his site, WordOnFire.org, to peruse his latest doings on YouTube and some of his international travels to complete the Catholicism Project. While I can claim no such illustrious status, in pale homage to his YouTube channel, I offer you the first of my entries to the VideoBlog:

Have Priest, Will Travel (Viajes Salvatruchas), Part I
[YouTube has a 10 minute maximum]

You can view it either as an embedded video here, or you can click on the video once it's open to view it on the YouTube site with fullscreen options. The quality leaves something to be desired, but I've already finished editing part two and it's much better.

The second half should be up within a day or two. Check back soon!

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