30 June 2009

Welcome to NPH El Salvador

The next entry in the video journal is up:

To take advantage of the high quality video I've been using, I would suggest viewing the video on the YouTube site rather than embedded here at the blog. To do this, click "play" and then click on the video once again, and the YouTube site will load. Don't forget to click "HD" in the lower right corner to load the highest possible quality!

I had some problems at the tail end of production, and some of the footage was lost ... thanks be to God the whole thing didn't disappear! I've learned a lot about my video editor, including that it can randomly erase portions of one's work immediately before saving. A bit frustrating, but all in all I'm pleased with this entry. I hope you will be, too.

PS: Will those of you that load this video post in the comments box whether it fits inside the allotted space on the blog? it doesn't on my computer (running Firefox), but hopefully it does on yours.


Fr. Shawn said...

Thanks for the video! Que bueno! I played fine embedded as well as from the YouTube site. I look forward to the next installment. Vaya con DiĆ³s.

Fr. Mitchel Zimmerman said...

looks great - thanks for sharing!

Tom Byrne said...

Nick, that was incredible. Way to be a dude.