01 February 2011

Mainstream Media Looks the Other Way

Elizabeth Scalia reports over at First Things' On the Square that the mainstream media has utterly failed to address the Gosnell case (and others like it), comparing their cover-up to the very same complicity for which they have mercilessly condemned the bishops over the sex-abuse scandal:

So, allow me to ask the impolitic question I have hinted at elsewhere: in choosing to look away, in choosing to under-report, in choosing to spin, minimize, excuse, and move-along when it comes to Kermit Gosnell—and to this whole subject of under-regulated abortion clinics, the debasement of women and the slaughter of living children—how are the press and those they protect by their silence any better than the Catholic bishops who, in decades past, looked away, under-reported, spun, minimized, excused, moved-along, and protected the repulsive predator-priests who have stolen innocence and roiled the community of faith?

The whole thing is worth reading--brief and to the point.

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