05 July 2009

A Day In The Life

The next video journal entry is up on YouTube.

A friend commented upon watching it, "I stayed for the whole ten minutes and I don't know why." That's kind about how I feel about this entry--I put all the work into making it but I'm not sure why. I look forward to making more episodes about the life of the kids here.


Fr. Shawn said...

So it looks like most of your time is spent sleeping or thinking about sleeping. I might have to try this some time.

Tom Byrne said...

Sweet post. I don't care what Guthrie Dolan's facebook comments say. High points for me include: 1. That little head nod "hey" at around 6:25. Hilarious. 2. Finding out that the volunteer room now has real furniture in it that was definitely not there last year. 3. Seeing the kid who always spells the word beef when you see him (sometimes "beans" and "rice" are also employed).

flatlander said...

Byrne- wow, he did that for you, too? How odd. I need to learn his name, which is hard since he doesn't really talk.

Father Shawn- I'd hate to give the impression that all I do is sleep or think about sleeping. it's just what I'm most excited about.

(of course that's a lie, but it is LOTS more convenient to record when I'm lazing in my room than when I'm out and about)

mags said...

It's great to see your videos and hear what you've been up to, Nick!!

mtmom said...

your lost snake is definitely un problema grande!