07 November 2010

Simple English Propers Project

I just put up a button on the right column that links to the Church Music Association of America's campaign to raise money for the development of a public domain Roman Gradual in English--in other words, a book that will set to chant the various prayers of the Catholic Mass, allowing them to be sung by a schola in a "consciously sacred" English.

It's set up so that you can pledge money towards this eventually free resource for the benefit of English-speaking parishes around the world.  Your credit card will not be charged until there are a total of $5,000 in pledges raised, and we are only 37% of the way there!  Read more about the project over at the Chant Cafe.

I chipped in already . . . how about you?

[UPDATE 11/27/2010: Button removed, as the campaign reached its goal! Thanks to those who contributed, and be sure to keep tabs on the CCMA blog to get ahold of these propers when they are released.]


Claire Christina said...

1) Thank you for giving me the essential gist of my dear classmate Adam's wonderful but long-winded posts. I, too, have now made a pledge!

2) The link in the body of your post doesn't work, though the one on your sidebar does. Just an FYI.

flatlander said...

Thanks for the head's up! fixed.
Woo hoo! 43%!

Claire Christina said...

What an incredibly quick turnaround! :-o