03 October 2010

This is Interesting

And by "this," I mean this.


MyNDIrish said...

Very nice. I've been using this in my arguments for pro-life, anti death penalty for a while now and I'm glad to see it has a name.

It all started when I heard a certain politician (I'm not going to name names...it is someone famous, but not any current president or legislator) describe as abhorrent the fact that people in China often use abortion to insure they have male offspring. I thought that was interesting...that although this politician was "pro-choice", they didn't like WHY people in China were making that choice. I agree that it can be more complicated than that, but the basic premise was...there are times when even "pro-choice" people find abortion abhorrent. So where is that grain of rice that turns if from OK to abhorrent.

But this is a slippery slope too. This could be why, for example, the NRA seems to be stubborn to the point of silliness when it comes to gun right laws. I wish they would be more sensible, but maybe they're at the point where they say 1 grain of wheat is a heap and we don't tolerate heaps.

Anyway, thanks for making me think today.

God bless!

flatlander said...

The applicability of the fallacy is pretty broad--I hadn't thought of this one. (Though if you want to use it to take away my guns, this conversation is over. HEH)

Thanks for the comment!