01 January 2010

A Brief Announcement From Our Sponsors

You know, much as it pains me to say it, my life over the last few weeks could be a laptop ad.  String together a few sequences of my computer use, slap some kind of "Empowering You To Be You" slogan on there, and call it good.  This battered old IBM Thinkpad given to me by one of my father's co-workers has been a thoroughly useful companion--it's come in handy for entertainment on a transatlantic flight, for taking class notes, touching up the day's photos, snagging Spanish news podcasts off the internet, playing movies while I was laid up with a cold, compiling video clips, making international phone calls for pennies a minute, researching hostels in Rome, maintaining a budget in three currencies, purchasing European rail passes, and keeping my music collection on hand when I need some peace and quiet.

Part of me says I'd be fine without it--and I certainly would--but another is very, very glad that I Can Be Me... though I had to peel off my "Friends Don't Let Friends Decapitate Infidels" sticker off the back of the LCD before making my way into a local internet cafe.  All for the best, I suppose.

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