30 October 2009

We Want To Be Swarms

Image Journal runs a good article every once in a while.  Their latest, a short look at Rene Girard, is stupendous.

Contrary to the going rhetoric of the day, we don’t really want to be individuals. We want to be swarms.


Paul said...

Great find, Blaha. Really enjoyed the article. Where do you recommend I begin with Girard?

flatlander said...

You know, I'm told the best work on Girard is the one I haven't read yet--it's called "The Scapegoat". It's less theological than "Violence and the Sacred", but his basic theory of the origins of human culture are laid out there and will help interpret his other works well. After those two, I would recommend "I See Satan fall Like Lightning". Don't bother with "Things Hidden Since the Foundation of the World" unless you want to write a dissertation and need lots of really complicated words to look smart.

If you're looking for shorter summaries, you can find a couple by Girard himself on the First Things website:


He wrote a recent article setting out some developments in his theory, specifically with regard to the apocalyptic passages of the Bible, especially the book of Revelation, and their contemporary applicability:


That should hold you for a while! Why do I never see you on Skype, son?

Paul said...

Thanks much Blaha...I'll go ahead and order the Scapegoat and go from there as I'm reading the FirstThings articles.

Skype....let us make this happen. When is a good time for you? I'm on eastern time and the middle o' the night works best for me, but I'll do my best to be flexible here~