27 September 2009

Fake Media Picking Up The Slack

So I'm just now catching on to this ACORN scandal, but I don't watch the news much anyway-- that I'm not up on the latest horror is no surprise. Apparently the mainstream news channels aren't exactly jumping on this. Jon Stewart (along with the rest of the world) seems to be a little frustrated:

(Head's up, PG-13)

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I do have a little more respect for Jon Stewart, now. But what's with the people in the studio? They aren't laughing at any of the jokes. Makes you wonder who goes to these things.

After my summer in El Salvador listening to news outlets spreading all manner of ridiculous slander about the nonexistent "coup" in Honduras and serving as little more than a propaganda outlet for ChavezWorld, there's no question in my mind that we are not up against incompetence here ... it's a premeditated, direct assault on the truth.

All in the name of doing the right thing, of course.


Paul said...

Blaha....good point. Wondering if you saw this as well - http://biggovernment.com/2009/09/18/acorn-and-the-catholic-church-a-legacy-of-big-hearts-and-small-brains/

flatlander said...

Thanks for that. I had heard about the tie, and the USCCB isn't well known for its political neutrality, unfortunately. I believe it's been referred to as "the Democratic party at prayer". Cardinal George trimmed things down a fair bit out there so it's better, but there's still work to be done, I'm sure.